From the finest of coffee to our signature waffle waves, to the selection of sandwiches and salads to our lovely lobster roll, to our oh so tasty baked goods – you can be assured of fantastic freshness served up with a healthy helping of stellar customer service! Have a look at our ever growing menu below and be sure to make your way to The Deck Restaurant + Shop



single $ 3.25/ double $4.25


$ 4.50


$ 4.75

Cafe Matcha


Flat White


Chai Latte

$ 4.50

Yippy Chai Yay




Brewed Hot Coffee

$ 2.70

Macha Latte


London Fog with Earl Grey Tea


The Deck’s Own Original

The London FROG


(Where the traditional London Fog blends oh so deliciously with Matcha)

Assorted Teas

$ 3.25

earl grey, green, ginger lemon, golden chai, moroccan mint, rooibos, chamomile lemon

+ extra shot of espresso

$ 1.00

+ whip cream

$ .50

+ flavour shot

$ .50

+ chocolate milk

$ .75

+ non-dairy milk

$ 1.00

Signature Cold Brew


original $ 5.75 flavour it up with mocha, caramel or vanilla…………… $ 6.25

Iced Tea Latte

matcha tea latte …………… $ 5.25 london fog…………… $5.75

Really Refreshing Mixtures


Pineapple Paradise, Strawberry Splash (served blended or over ice…your call!)

Cold Brew Iced Coffee


Cappuccino Fredo


Iced Cappuccino


Iced Espresso


Espresso Tonic



Our Signature Breakfast Sandwich

Wake Up Waffle Wave


our signature breakfast sandwich of cheese, scrambled eggs + bacon wrapped up in a cheese + sun-dried tomato bubble waffle

Surfin’ Sausages


our vanilla bubble waffle waves + maple syrup, served with sausages + scrambled eggs

Good Morning Muffin


English Muffin with Scrambled Egg, Cheese + Bacon

Toasted Bagel

with butter + jam $4.00, with cream cheese $4.50

Add Smoked Salmon + Cucumber for $2.50

Decked Out Yogurt


Plain Greek Yogurt with Granola + Fruit Topping


Our Oh-So-Yummy + Best Selling

Lobster Bisque

cup $9.50 bowl $18.00

Seafood Soup

cup $11.50 bowl $22.00

With Lobster, Scallops, Haddock

Spicy Seafood Soup

cup $12.50 bowl $24.00

Kick it up a notch Vegetables and Seafood dance amidst a Thai inspired broth – YUM!!!



Lobster Roll


Served with Potato Chips

Lobster Slider

$ 9.50

1/2 the Size of our Lobster Roll (so you’ve got room for extra dessert) Served with Potato Chips

Crunchy Lobster Burger


Served with Potato Chips

Lobster Waffle Wave Platter


Served with Garden Salad + Potato Chips


Served ALL Day!

Wake Up Waffle Wave


our signature breakfast sandwich of cheese, scrambled eggs + bacon wrapped up in a cheese + sun-dried tomato bubble waffle

ham + cheese

$ 6.50

grilled veggie wrap

$ 7.00


$ 7.75

roast beef

$ 8.25


Garden Salad


Caesar Salad



What’s a waffle wave? Well we’re here to tell ya – it’s the yummiest invention around and we simply can’t wait til you try one… or two. Our secret recipe vanilla and chocolate bubble waves are wrapped around incredible ice creams and perfectly paired with tremendously pleasing toppings. And we’re always coming up with incredibly tasty creations so you’re bound to find new flavours with every visit to The Deck Restaurant + Shop!


NEW and AWESOME for Autumn

Falling for Fall Waffle Wave

Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dollop of Pumpkin Pie, Salted Caramel/Pumpkin Spice/Chocolate Leaves, Sprinkles + Caramel Drizzle

Triple Chocolate Chocolate Kerfluffle

Chocolate Bubble Waffle, Chocolate Ice Cream, Marshmallow Fluff, Chocolate Chips / Sprinkles + Chocolate Syrup

Arrrrrr!!! Ever Been To Sea Sweetie?

Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Mariners Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Pretzel bits + Caramel Drizzle

Coo-Coo Crazy for Cookies

Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Whip Cream + Chocolate Chips

Strawberry Fields Forever

Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Strawberry Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Fresh Strawberries + Strawberry Drizzle

Marvellously Minty Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Bubble Waffle, Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Mint Chocolate Aero Bar Bits + Chocolate Syrup

The Deck’s Seaside Special

Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Moonmist Ice Cream, White Chocolate Mermaid Tail, Whip Cream + multi-colour sprinkles

Terrifically Tasty Tropical Treat

Vanilla Bubble Waffle Wave, Orange Pineapple Ice Cream, Hunks of Pineapple, Whip Cream + a Candy Surprise

The Jurassic Classic

Chocolate Bubble Wave, Dinosaur Bones Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Chocolate Dinosaurs + Cool Blue Sprinkles

Cake by the Ocean

Vanilla Bubble Waffle Wave, Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Birthday Cake, Sprinkles + Raspberry Drizzle

Go Bananas Go Go Bananas

Vanilla Bubble Waffle Wave, Banana Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Banana Chips, Banana Candies, Chocolate Sauce with a cherry on top!

Beach Party Blowout

Blue Vanilla Bubble Waffle, Bubble Gum Ice Cream, Whip Cream, Candy Sea Creatures and Candy Beach Towels, topped with raspberry drizzle and sprinkles

Wonderful Wish-filled Waffle Wave

Pink Vanilla Bubble Waffle with Sprinkles, Moon Mist Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Marshmallows, Candy Unicorns + Rainbow with Vanilla Drizzle

Ice Cream by the Scoop

We may be new but boy oh boy have we scooped a LOT of ice cream since we opened. That GREAT demand makes for an ever changing assortment of ice cream flavours in our case – we do our best to keep the best-sellers in stock like Mariner’s Sea Salt, Coffee and Nova Scotia’s favourite flavour Moonmist. Truth be told you never know what you’ll find in our case but you can be sure it’ll be yummy indeed!
Single Scoop …………… $ 2.85
Double Scoop …………..$ 4.75
Triple Scoop ……………. $ 6.65
+ Sprinkles …………… $ .25
+Sugar Cone …………. $ .75
+Waffle Cone ……….. $ 1.25

Soft Serve Ice Cream

In Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist and The Deck’s Special Woodruff
Regular Cone …………… $ 3.95
Bowl …………………. small $ 3.95 large $4.95
Waffle Cone ……………… $5.95
+ Chocolate Dip …………… $1.00
+ Candy Topping ………… $ 0.50
+ Sundae Drizzle …………. $ 0.50

Fantastically Flavourful Floats


Chill Street Soda (Blueberry, Orange Creamsicle, Root Beer, Black Cherry Cola, Cream Soda) and Very Vanilla Ice Cream

Bakery Case

as marked

We have a lovely selection of beautiful baked goods that changes every day – with everything from cinnamon buns and muffins, to chocolate tarts and coffee cakes, even coconut cream pie. You never know what you’ll discover we only know it’ll be delicious.

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